Blue Ocean Waves Ltd provides drama classes for anyone who has an interest and passion towards acting. If you never acted before but you always wanted to try or you have done so in the past and you wish to polish your skills, these courses are for you!

Our Aim

Our main aim is to provide exceptional training in physical, vocal and imaginative training and make sure that we will stimulate a spirit of discovery in theatre and in life in general. We also need to encourage an active engagement with the role of the artist in today’s terms and to develop creative skills enriching both your own lives and those of the audiences. Finally, we also target to create a theatre community that endures in time.

Drama Classes

Drama Acting

Are you an inborn actor? Do you like to imitate your favourite actor on television? What are the essentials of being a good actor? Learn how to give appropriate facial and eye expressions, how to deliver dialogues, how to move your body in momentum with your voice and lots more exciting things.

Areas of Performance Skills

  • Acting Technique Improvisation
  • Movement
  • Voice
  • Character Work
  • Stage Presence