Dance Classes

We provide dance classes and are passionate about the benefits of dance on quality of life. Dance is a fantastic form of expression and movement of the body. Alongside physical benefits such as improved strength, stamina, and stability, dance can help improve creativity, confidence, communication, concentration, and a sense of community.

Our specialised teacher teach a wide range of dance styles. Our teacher is experienced in providing dance for the mainstream society, disabled children and adults, people with long-term health conditions, and using dance to improve the mental and physical wellbeing of people from disadvantaged, and underserved communities.


Grade 1

Bollywood dance classes are a mixture of many different dance styles including classical Indian dance, street, jazz, and others. Bollywood dancing is derived and evolved from the Indian film industry.

We offer progressive courses in Bollywood dancing and Bhangra dance, both highly energetic and fun-filled calories burners!

The Bollywood dancing classes are a fusion of classical Indian dances like Kathak and Bharatanatyam with modern Bollywood fusions of street dance/ hip-hop and jazz to create funky routines which will get you dancing to any Bollywood song.


Grade 1

Freestyle dancing allows for individual expression dancers are encouraged to create new moves and develop a personal style. Freestyle dance classes are funky, modern and fun. It's all about freedom to express movement to the wide variety of music trends.

Freestyle dance is a way of dancing in which the dancer improvises his moves on spot, instead of having them planned beforehand